We are Massive Global Agency

Our main operations described.

MGA Operations

This is a massive work-in-progress and we want you to become part of this movement.

The Life-platform we build allows anyone to quit their dayjob, get income through our platform, and become a decentralized agent of change for bettering humanity.

Massive Operations

The Life platform

This is our product for all the people. This online application offers you the opportunity to design a new life for yourself. Something you have always dreamed of but thought is not possible or you just haven't dared to take the steps towards it. After your life is readily designed in our app, you can buy into it buy start living it, and get paid to live that very life of your own. The Life platform includes some new MGA related work elements as you have now become Massive, a decentralized agent of change. You will design your life in a way that you want to do these small or big tasks for humanity. So it's a lot of fun and you get to live as you want if it doesn't hurt anyone!

Massive Movement

This globally local and locally global massive-scale movement is designed for the people to take action towards better living conditions on our planet. It works in many ways and if you need two comparison points then think about the Freemasons and the Anonymous combined to the next level, the third way. Additional information on this Movement is on our Vision Document and more is yet to come.

The Spiritual Intelligence Agency

No modern global and local societies can be changed without the role of intelligence. That is the reason we take intelligence to the next level and set up an intelligence agency for everyday people. We the Massives are decentralized agents of change and we embrace our spiritual gifts built in our bodies; like the pineal gland in our brain. We work spiritually in groups and alone, we work with energy and we can access anything. We protect ourselves from the bad trips and become skilled at our intelligene as a spiritual hobby and/or work.

Some of the causes we care about

Health, healthcare and sickening business


Healthcare is a big business. Its close colleague is sickening business where people are made sick so they need to consume healthcare.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


Humankind is able to solve the problem of poverty at will. We need to take our focus from our bosses profit towards a systemic change.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


It takes years to mold a child to be part of our rotten societial system. It starts from the media we consume and continues in kindergarden and schools.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


The fear and nonsense, un-needed information is spread as news and people are mass-programmed to believe what is true and what is acceptable and what is not.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


Politics is a circus and a theaterical platform for clowns to compete in a flawed-by-design system. We are living in a plutocratic system.

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