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This is a massive work-in-progress and we want you to become part of this movement.

The Life-platform we build allows anyone to quit their dayjob, get income through our platform, and become a decentralized agent of change for bettering humanity.

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Currently the only contact points to Massive Global Agency is through our Discord server or via e-mail.

Some of the causes we care about

Health, healthcare and sickening business


Healthcare is a big business. Its close colleague is sickening business where people are made sick so they need to consume healthcare.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


Humankind is able to solve the problem of poverty at will. We need to take our focus from our bosses profit towards a systemic change.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


It takes years to mold a child to be part of our rotten societial system. It starts from the media we consume and continues in kindergarden and schools.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


The fear and nonsense, un-needed information is spread as news and people are mass-programmed to believe what is true and what is acceptable and what is not.

Health, healthcare and sickening business


Politics is a circus and a theaterical platform for clowns to compete in a flawed-by-design system. We are living in a plutocratic system.

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